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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pizza Noodle

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1. Ingredients:

Haojindao (domestic noodles) 1 pack
mushroom 2
shrimp meat 200 g
onion 1/2
green and red pepper 1/2
pineapple 4 pieces
corn pieces 1/2 cup
tomato porridge 3 table spoons
cheese powder 2 table spoons
cheese 100 g

2. Preparation method :

a. Boil the domestic noodles and put them on a plate.
b. Heat shrimp meat, cut mushrooms and pineapples into pieces and cut
the onions and green and red pepper into cubes.
c. Keep the noodles as circles and leaving 0.5 cm width on the
circle,put the meat inside and smear tomato porridge, cheese and
Finally, put on the rest materials and cheese, sprinkle cheese
powder and put them in the oven of 180 degree for 10 minutes.


Health tips:

Use a variety of mushrooms in your pizza noodle. Mushrooms have impressive health properties. They contain complex carbohydrates that help build up your immune system for fighting diseases. Nutritionists believe the spores of mushrooms to be very nutritious, hence when preparing organic mushrooms; do not soak them as this will remove much of the spores. Instead, just rinse them under running water.

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